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Quintus' holocom beeped, alerting him to an incoming text transmission:
Please return to the spaceport so we can prepare for departure. I've forwarded you a list of the ships we have to choose from; please select the one you would most prefer so I can make the necessary arrangements. Soleta

Q examined the transmission and the choices of ships to choose from. The agent paid special attention to the XS Stock Light Freighter, and sent a transmission back to Soleta:
Received your transmission, on my way back. XS Stock light freighter in Hangar 18, by the way. Will look into a more... sophisticated ship later. -Q
Once finished, the operative slabbed a medpack on his shot wound to alleviate some of its pain and jumped back on his speeder.

Soleta smiled brightly as she entered the hangar Q had selected. "Excuse me," she called to a dockhand. "Terribly sorry to be a bother, but there seems to be something wrong with the locks on my ship, here. Could you open the door for me so I could check the system from inside?"

"Oh... uhh, sure thing, miss," the young man replied, sweeping a hand through his hair. "No trouble at all." He swiped a keycard through a hidden slot on the side of an access panel, then keyed in an override code, and the door hissed open. "There you go."

"Thank you so much," Soleta gushed as she stretched up on tiptoe to plant a demure kiss on his cheek. "You're really too kind." The door slid shut behind her, and the saccharine smile shifted into an expression of disgust. "Idiot."

Minutes later, the door briefly slid open, then closed as Q entered, twirling the keycard. "So foolish," he mused aloud as he joined Soleta on the bridge. "At least now you wait on me and not run off," he spoke with hint of frustration.

"We were outnumbered to begin with," Soleta replied icily, "and I will remind you that I was under fire from two shooters, while you only had to deal with one idiot and her gun. The alarm had been sounded, which would only have further imbalanced the situation against us. You can't honestly tell me you wouldn't have done the same."

"Retreating when all odds are against you is one thing. Abandoning and leaving me to die, however... is another. Need I remind you that the cretins went to Corellia and back on me even before you retreated," Q shot back. "I was in no position to viably retreat until the smuggler schutta got the holocron and ran off."

Soleta was silent for a long moment, frowning thoughtfully as she started up the launch sequence. "You may as well have a seat," she said at last, without looking up at him. "Check my computations for the transit to hyperspace, if you like."

"Of course, it's what I'm here for," Q sighed as he took a seat and began to examine the navicomputer. Seeing no faults so far, he allowed himself a smile. "They thoroughly check out."

"I suppose that's something right," she murmured under her breath. As the pale blue of the afternoon sky faded into the deep black of space, she sank back into her chair and stared out at the stars. "Jump when you're ready, then."

"Jumping in 3... 2... 1." Q announced as he had the freighter jump into hyperspace. Once the white beams of light faded, the freighter hovered in Hutt space in the vicinity of Nar Shaddaa. Q sank back into his chair as well. "And there we have it."

"How are you?" Soleta asked, glancing sidelong at Q. "Medically, I mean. Injuries and whatnot."

Quintus slightly dozed off at first when listening to Soleta's question. Once she finished, he replied, "Oh, medically I've been abusing medpacks just to alleviate damage the cretins did to my stomach with their blasters. The wounds are malleable, yet still are incredibly painful. I also have some head trauma, but not nearly as detrimental as the wounds."

Soleta stood quickly, circling around to stand beside Quintus. "Look at me," she ordered sharply. She leaned in close and peered into his eyes, listening to the chatter of his surface thoughts. "Not concussed, thankfully, though I expect the painkillers aren't doing you any favours. Pull your shirt up."

Q obliged, lifting his shirt, revealing four blaster wounds and six smaller circles, two of the wounds being relatively infected, one of those being the largest wound. "That fool with the scattergun laid into me, though her filthy companion pulled the biggest shot."

Soleta's frown deepened as she knelt down beside Q. "This will hurt rather a lot, I'm afraid." She pushed her sleeves up past her elbows and laid her bare hands against his skin. Her eyelids slowly fluttered shut, faint purple light gleaming from behind them as she pushed Force energy through his wounds, consuming the infection and forcing the injured tissues to regrow. Quintus hissed and even screamed in pain at times while Soleta channeled her energy into healing him, but it was working. Once Soleta finished, Q took a deep breath.

"Well then, I'm impressed. I believe that I am in your debt, Sith," Q smiled.

Soleta pulled her hands back sharply, then stood and backed away, smoothing her sleeves neatly back into place. "As you like," she said, her tone stiff and formal. "Is there anything else before we make final approach?"

"Logistically, nothing," Q sighed. "Have I become a liability?"

"This is still your area of expertise more than mine," Soleta replied. "I'm just a digger. Perhaps I should be asking you the same question."

"Oh no. No. Not at all," Quintus responded. "If it weren't for you, I would have perished earlier. We wouldn't have even set foot in the compound if not for your talents. You are more than just a digger to me and are a very valuable asset to this team."

"Ah, I see." Soleta settled back into her seat. "Since we have that settled, we'd best be back to work. We'll want to be in position quickly if we're to make the switch."

"Indeed," Q nodded as he activated the ship's comm system, "this is the Ulterior to the Mezenti Spaceport, requesting landing." The operative submitted the appropriate docking codes through the navicomputer.

"Copy that, you are clear to land," an operator spoke.

"Thank you, Mezenti," Soleta answered, closing the channel and guiding the ship into the dock. "I'll explain the plan on the way to Club Vertica," she added, grinning.

"I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them."