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12.15.2012 , 02:56 PM | #633
hi Yojack, welcome back.

I also took some time to play GW2 and D3 and find both lacking. Oddly, the Story is one of the major things missing as a quality element. well that an D3's goofy loot tables.

Anyway, big questions in regards to you new Max Mitigation build.
  1. Why not Smoke Grenade over Neural Overload?
  2. Why HIB over StockStrike?
Since N.O. is useless in a boss fight, where SG is a 22 second armor penetration reduction with gear buffs, isn't any amount of mitigation preferable to a useless skill for PVE boss fights?

In Regards to HIB and SS, SS is going to go off many more times per fight, and is 200 pts lost dmg per hit by picking HIB's buff. HIB only goes up about 100pts. so in 45 secs, 3 HIBs will have a boost of ~300 pts, where SS would go off 5 times for ~1000 pts extra. Since a VG never fights outside of melee range, I'm at a loss as to why you chose HIB over SS? Is there some sort of threat generation I'm missing with HIB?

also, when you mentioned in an earlier post wanting 50% dmg red/shield/absord, those are without my stim or buff active yes?