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Ive hardly ever seen it in game and its just another short stun, theres so many, just load up on grenades and you'll do the same....virtually.

The bubble stun in sorcs comes through the lighning tree, rubbish in pvp as you have to stand still so much weaker than the madness tree and little use for healers really as they'll be giving up so much healing to get it.

You can lose healing for it or lose madness damage for it. hybrid...either way its the only thing that makes lighning even worth existing.

I hybrid heal and im not wasting all those points just to get it and annoy everyone but really, its certainly not that interesting an much rather be doing 8k damage hits on crit.

Itll be just on the caster soon enough anyway.
So a 3 second AOE stun that fills half the resolve it's supposed to is fine? You realize it wouldn't be so bad if they actually fixed the resolve gain on it right?

currently as it stands too:

Bubble applied that can absorb 4100 damage. Yes i'm going with that as I was parsing with a friend and that's how much his bubble was taking before it popped.

Bubble Applied> 17 second de-buff starts alone with a 30 second buff that is the actual bubble.

Well say someone is hitting you right from the get go for 1500 damage a hit as it is a decent average hit.

at 1500 damage a hit it's going to take 3 gcd's to pop the bubble. Once bubble is popped 4.5 seconds have gone by so time on de-buff is now 12.5 and the sorc/sage took a little damage.

Bubble popped the attacker is now standing there for 3 seconds and anyone with in the AOE of the blind is now too. The resolve cost is only 300, half of what it's supposed to be.

at the end of the stun it will be 9.5 seconds left on the de-buff. That's 45% of the time the sorc/sage took little or no damage from a target and combine it with the debuff getting some time to tick away before the sorc/sage ever gets hit or the debuff just completely dropping in general, you can chain cc a person or group of players for quite some time.

Oh smash needs nerfed. The bubble at least needs fixed to fillt he proper resolve.