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I really agree. that is also part of the fight, to find spots were the fire wont hit and then stand in that spot for the entire fight, just like kiting Kephess to a corner and LOS him when the big purple circle comes. I don't see how any of them are exploits and I guess Bioware agree with me on this since they havn't fixed it during the last six months... But if you do really think it's a exploit, don't use it and report it to Bioware.
The area you were referencing to earlier, isnt behind the walker, isnt in a corner of the room; but is in the middle of the area where the second saturation fire lands. It is an exploit in my eyes based off the fact there isnt a plausible reason why you would be safe in that spot. I have come across that spot on a few occasions in the past, when i was slacking and standing in fire, and felt that it was odd that i didnt get hit.

Line of sighting the Gift of the Masters, isnt much of an exploit, based on the fact that doing so usually gimps the raid dps in some sort and actually making the enrage a little bit tighter. You're trading a situation where more healing will be needed with a situation where more dps isnt needed.

EDIT: Found a video of what i consider to be an exploit in this fight. You can see a decent example of it at 2:27
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