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I have a marauder that was a main for awhile - and for 1.4 i switched back to my sin. For starters, I never really 'dug' the marauder animations - specifically the stance he/she holds the sabers. The play style itself is ok, carnage or anni - and yes they are the most OP PVE class in the game. So many defensive cool-downs, and good damage.

Jugs look cooler, and vengeance has a more fluid playstyle to it.

My assassin, for starters, looks bad ***. In equal gear (in my case for sin pve dps, all hazmat / 63's minus an earpiece) can do better damage then a marauder / pt / sniper DEPENDING on the boss. I regularly do so with deception, for instance - but generally only on the droid puzzle boss in TFB, and on TFB himself. The other fights I usually end up 3rd or 4th (in 16man) simply because of the movement and clutter of players - it gets hard to position for mauls.

Madness is a good spec, but is a very hard spec to play and play well. You have to watch your bar for about 5 different things - all the while paying attention to raid mechanics. I have also found that as a deception assassin raiding, its hard to get respect with a group of marauders and powertechs. I have the single highest burst out of any class, Carange included. The issue with assassins is the sustained tampers off a bit after the minute and a half mark - whereas say Carnage can slap on bersek, massacre and it refunds rage...

Another issue with the assassin tree, is that we lack very basic stats that every other class get. We have no mainstat talent, no accuracy talent (in a stance or on a tree) and no force / melee crit talent (except charged master if your madness +3 percent)....

This makes itemizing the class EXTREMELY difficult. I have spent probably over 2 mill in the last month parsing on the ops dummy, swapping out mods / enhancments (more crit, less crit - ok then that means less accuracy or power). As an assassin, if your not spec'd madness - it is impossibly to achieve a crit rating of say 35+ (like every other class gets) with 110 accuracy, and a force/tech power of 1050+...impossible.
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