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This is the most disrespectful and ignorant post I've ever seen. The OP seem to assume that he know everything, but his post display total ignorance of the star wars lore.

The Sith Emperor became what he is from draining all the force on a whole planet and over a thousand sith. So do you really think that he can't beat down and take control of 4 jedi?

Revan and Malak was both very powerful jedi, but both of them was mind controlled by The Sith Emperor.

3) Luke Skywalker would never fall to the dark side? Excuse me but how do you deer make such asumtions without checking the facts? Luke Skywalker did in fact fall to the dark side in the Dark Empire series.

4) Yoda would never fall to the dark side? Well fun fact, there are many indications that the little guy in his 900 years life at some point had fallen to the dark side. The fact that he masters force lightning is only one.

So yes you feel under his control, and it was shown how you were trained at the Emperor's space station. However, like Revan you broke out of the Emperor's mind control, so be happy about that.

As for the "mind control" the entity Abeloth was also able to use force psychosis to mind control jedis, so this is far from impossible.

As for the whole "I'm so light side" complaint, well congratulations, but that only have minor impact on the story, and neither do it indicate your power or willpower level, and it doesn't protect you from certain force powers. In the game you are a young jedi but talented jedi. However, The Sith Emperor is a thousand years old entity.

I suggest you start investigating lore before assuming that you know what "can and cannot be done" because right now you clearly have no idea.

EDIT: It is the end of chapter 2, I can tell that you're really in to this...

And don't post spoilers in the headline!
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