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12.15.2012 , 10:53 AM | #7
This is only a problem if you want to play a god who can't be defeated. Not that interesting. Not only was it shocking--sadly less so for people here, since 2 threads have spoiled it in their titles unnecessarily, but it raises the stakes dramatically. DS is more powerful than light. We're told that in lore. It's why jedi fall and why sith choose to be what they are, and the emperor is the most powerful sith. There's a reason that attacking the emperor is difficult. The knight story isn't one of being an all powerful god, it's one of having to make difficult choices--choosing light when dark is often more productive and sensible, or of becoming tainted by darkness. It can be one of struggle to remain purely light at personal cost, or a slow, almost inevitable slide to darkness. It's very well done and well worth playing.