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It is not just melee. When a Sorc/Sages casts it on the warrior who then leaps and pops it, it becomes a problem even to ranged classes. Chances are high that you will get Sorc and couple of warriors in one warzone. When 3 of those warriors leap to you and pop the bubble, being a healer becomes nothing but a crap. The worse thing happens with coordinated team that is doing a chain. It is not rare to see a Sorc running trough people just to pop the bubble next to a haler.

I am a Sorcerer and will not be like all those warriors and powertechs defending something that is destroying the fun for 90% of players. I will be honest and say, bubble is not OP on one, it is OP on 7 players and needs to be looked into.
All of this is fixed if they make the bubble impossible to manually burst.
I approve of that nerf and would like it done to my main. I full-well understand it will be a hit to my effectiveness in warzones, but I want to play more balanced pvp. There are other issues that needs to be taken care of as well.

Your post touches on more than one issue (the part about the bubble I already adressed)
Smashers is a seperate issue
How to balance resolve/CCbreakers etc is a seperate issue
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