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While Agent Kaulton and Wraith worked on the planet, the flagship of Moff Pyron, which held the Sith Assassin Darth Kodose, dropped out of hyperspace, soon after a Fury class interceptor departed from its shuttle bay. Upon reaching the planets surface it landed in an Imperial controlled courtyard.
" I have heard that a Republic Trooper regiment is here under the command of Captain Korros Rowann. He is a signifant problem in our war effort, he must be dispatched. In the name of the Dark Council, I need every Imperial trooper here that isnt defending the encampment with me. I cant take on an entire regiment by myself." Kodose said.
After recieving the troops he said
"Prepare to move out."
Kodose 55 Assassin and Kodosk 55 Marauder

Sevron 48 Mercenary