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To elaborate: it's the beginning of Republic Corellia world's quest chain, when you take the Imperial weapon designed to kill every living thing aboard transport trains. Just as you got it, you are informed the Imperials are already using the trains to strike at Republic troops and you have the DS option of using Imp's device against them, but since the trains are also used by civilians, they will die too. You even get a heart wrenching cutscene of train filled by both Imps and civilians dying.
The whole thing made me feel very guilty and wanting to redo the choice, but I couldn't because I RP a Jedi who believes the end justify the means. Great job, Bioware!
However what really strikes me as odd, is that I had Doc with me with max affection, and he didn't react at all, i even didnt lose any of his points. This is, may I remind you, the same Doc who didnt want Master Bella to fight because she was tired, who gave -80 points for killing brainwashed Jedi Master, etc, etc,

Strange, is it not?
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