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12.15.2012 , 07:01 AM | #93
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Play a melee class and then come back and talk. Bubble is absurdly overpowered and just plain broken.
It is not just melee. When a Sorc/Sages casts it on the warrior who then leaps and pops it, it becomes a problem even to ranged classes. Chances are high that you will get Sorc and couple of warriors in one warzone. When 3 of those warriors leap to you and pop the bubble, being a healer becomes nothing but a crap. The worse thing happens with coordinated team that is doing a chain. It is not rare to see a Sorc running trough people just to pop the bubble next to a haler.

I am a Sorcerer and will not be like all those warriors and powertechs defending something that is destroying the fun for 90% of players. I will be honest and say, bubble is not OP on one, it is OP on 7 players and needs to be looked into.