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Well, I'm 14, and for the past 3 years, i've been poked and prodded so many times, i lost count. Had severe stomach pain. The school nurse made a comment that i shouldnt fake stomach pain to get out of class. wonder how she feels now [she actually retired that year]. The school Principle also said i was 'faking' it. After surgery. and tests that no kid would want to go through all in a year.

In the first year around christmas, they found my gallbladder wasnt working, they removed it right before christmas [got home christmas eve day], i got an allergic reaction to a med they had me on, and they told me if i would shut up and stop crying about it, the pain would go away. Yes, that is exactly what you say to a kid who is having trouble seeing and feels like their head is going to explode After the surgery i had an allergic reaction to another med that made me pass out on the floor.

In the end, that wasn't it, and the pain continued. It got so bad, it was really debilitating. Was out of school, had tutors come for 6th and 7th grade, 8th grade was homeschooling, and they could never figure out what was wrong. Still haven't. However, i am now on anti-depressants to try and stop my head communicating with my nerves (stop it from making the pain) and it works a little. They are also using it as just an anti-depressant since what person wouldn't be depressed locked away from the world all the time?
Also, when i was a baby (yes a baby, just about a year old) i got Stevens-Johnson, which destroyed my skin and could have made me blind. explains it [dont look if you can't handle graphic pictures] I got it because the doctors couldn't find out what was originally wrong with me, and filled me up with a bunch of drugs.
EDIT: i feel i should just mention, i also have arthritis.

I should stop going on about all this, and get to the main point. I play games to escape my very harsh reality. The pain is still horrific, and im still always in my house. Through games and the internet, i am able to get the social contact i need to really get by. Plus, i get to have lots of fun while doing that too, and it takes my mind off the pain.
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As you can see, i have lots of charatcers XD i also have a character on the ebon hawk. i am, as some would say, an altaholic. see everyone around, and its good to see other people like me playing the game.

PS: Amaine means sweet sound in japanese
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Estimated 16.7million people dealing with serious mental illness in the US alone each year. Estimated 400,000+ people subscribed to this game.
Guess some overlap was bound to happen eventually