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Welcome to the thread! Your English and spelling are just fine from what I can see. Trust me, native speakers do much worse.

I've gotten some rest and some perspective after some things happened yesterday, so I'd be happy to address your post.

There is a large FAQ in my signature, but I'll try to sum up parts of it for ya.

That OP is long since outdated and no longer relevant to the thread. It was decided back in March that it would be treated the same way as the current romances in the game. In short, there would be no extra filters or such just for same gender romance.

It'll be the same way it was for me with Quinn. I started the romance with him at first. After a certain part in the game I grew to really dislike him, so I ended it. The flirts did pop up twice after that, so I used the choice BioWare had already given me.

I just didn't pick that conversation option. So that's more or less how BioWare is going to continue to approach the game as far as we are aware.

This is going by what BioWare has told us in the past.

As far as any details (whether or not this would be for toons for above or below 50, who will the SGR options be, is it coming with new or current companions, can everyone have access to them, ect ect,) has not been addressed clearly at any point.

You're currently reading either incarnation #8 or #9 for this thread. Since the OP in January, it's been over 2,000 pages with over 30,000 posts.

As of the Guild Summit in March, they had stated it was coming. I can dig up the quotes and video links for you if you'd like. Those comments were made by Daniel Erickson, who is no longer with the company. He had also stated that they are not going to do pronoun swapping.

There has not been a single official word about SGRs since then. We've tried literally every single way you can think of to contact any current employee to come and speak about this matter.

Rather curiously, on October 15th, there was an article published by that had EA talking at length about how proud they were to include LGBT content for that community.

However, they allowed the assumption that SGRs were already in ToR to be published. The posters here, including myself, had to write to the editor to get it fixed. There is a correction notice at the bottom of the article as a result.

As of November 30, I became aware that the American organization known as GLAAD had approached BioWare regarding this content before. GLAAD stands for Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

They had talked about helping the ToR playerbase get the first answer about SGRs back in September of last year.

Between the weird silence, the article and then the Livestream, many of us felt we were being used by the company for good public relations. So we began to write to GLAAD as well as several gaming sites. It's starting to pay off.

As of December 5, we got our first reply back from GLAAD via Facebook. A couple of days later, we got one from the same site as the article, saying that they had contacted BioWare about this.

If you go back about 20 or so pages, it'll catch you up to speed on a lot of these comments.

Late last night (in the US) I wrote to another site called They got back to me right away, expressing an interest in doing an article about this. If all goes well, then I'll be making sure that every gaming site that might care has a link to the article.

I also sent a follow up letter to GLAAD as well last night. Within 10 1/2 hours, they had gotten back to me, stating that BioWare was aware of this issue and that GLAAD will continue to pursue the matter early next year. However, they did also state that they felt we'll get an answer soon.

Right now, after all of that, I know it'll be a little while before we'll hear an official and pubic statement from BioWare regarding this. Simply put, they're giving the employees lighter holidays this year, especially after last year's breakneck pace as the game launched.

If you'd like to see all that we have to date (except for the very recent responses from the press and from GLAAD,) I would recommend you check out the FAQ linked on my signature. It'll have quotes and links for just about every common question about the history of the thread as well as the history of SGRs in the game up to this point.

I appreciate the support. We'll try to get an answer soon.

Most of us don't want to hurt or crush the game. We don't want to have this come before any serious bug fixes, such as the infamous 32-bit memory leak and game crash. We're just after an answer now.

I don't want to hurt the company either. I do want BW-Austin to be adhered to the same standards as BW-Edmonton, which created all those great games.