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12.13.2011 , 01:31 PM | #6
If it helps, I'll post the log so maybe you can make heads or tails of it . Also, by some stroke of luck? the launcher did finally open just kind of randomly. I logged in and it said it was updating the launcher, i walked a way for a few mins to let it do it's thing and at some point it appears to have crashed but it still is running in the process list. This use to work on this very same pc but then i had corrupt RAM and had to put new in and reformat the 'ol hdd.

20111213132427 INFO -----------------------------(360)-----------------------------
20111213132428 INFO SpecsHash=2262856021.3871141646
20111213132429 INFO Starting patcher patch
20111213132429 INFO ManifestState=GetManifest: , current=-1/upcoming=0/required=0
20111213132429 INFO Download:
20111213132430 INFO Patch manifest state is unknown.
20111213132430 INFO Delete C:/Program Files (x86)/Electronic Arts/BioWare/Star Wars-The Old Republic/patcher.version, and try again.
20111213132430 INFO ManifestState=GetManifest: , current=-1/upcoming=0/required=0
20111213132430 ERROR ManifestCompleteatcher/
20111213132430 ERROR Fetch Manifest Failure: VersionFail
20111213132430 INFO Manifest Loaded: patcher, current=-1/upcoming=-1/required=40
20111213132430 INFO ManifestState=Download: patcher, current=-1/upcoming=-1/required=40
20111213132430 INFO Download:
20111213132537 INFO Download:
20111213132538 ERROR Going Offline
20111213132538 INFO Download Creating:
20111213132538 INFO Download Checking:
20111213132538 INFO Patching group: patcher -1->40
20111213132538 ERROR unknown group (patcher)
20111213132538 INFO Patching file: patcher -1->40
20111213132538 INFO Recognized patcher version 0
20111213132538 INFO Download:
20111213132538 INFO Download Downloading:
20111213132628 INFO Download:
20111213132629 INFO Download Complete: Complete:
20111213132629 INFO ManifestState=Patch: patcher, current=-1/upcoming=-1/required=40
20111213132629 INFO Download Seed: Seeding:
20111213132631 INFO Closed launcher