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12.15.2012 , 02:54 AM | #9
I have a related question. I think I'm having dps issues as well. I seem to only pull like 1500 on most boss fights, except for Kephess, which is just sick for dps (20k rail shots 4tw :P). I run the non-AP build, have maybe 37% crit, 78% surge. Gear is 1 DG piece, rest is campaigh/bh, my belt/bracer/barrel are all DG, and Hazmat implants.

I'm thinking I should be pulling a lot more dps. I know the fights are situational, so I go to the training dummy, and I can get like 1900 at the start, but it slowly drops over time, settles around 1700 maybe.

What should my dps numbers look like? Or, if someone can toss out a number for say, full campaign should be XXX, that would work. I believe around 1200 dps is the general level for Rakata, but I wasn't sure what to expect from campaign and higher stuff.