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Though their skills are varied and many, Sith Inquisitors are most feared for their ability to channel the energy of the Force, making them a spectacle to behold on the battlefield. Seething sparks of lightning explode from the Inquisitors’ fingertips and wrap their enemies in tendrils of pure Force energy. Because Inquisitors can twist the Force into lightning to stun, subdue, or destroy their foes, it has become their signature. Those who have experienced the sensation of the Inquisitor’s Force Lightning and survived forever recoil from the crackling sound of electricity.

So why not do everyone (except for those few of us who still play a Sorcerer) a favor, and remove the class entirely from the game. It's the direction that I see this class headed.

In my opinion, the Sage / Sorcerer should be more like the Jedi Consular's of KotOR I and II, feared at any range, Devastating at both Melee and Ranged attacks. (But that's a pipe dream, and removing the class is more likely to happen than actually making the class what it is supposed to be. Feared.)

I also fully understand the "official" response in this thread from EA is simply to placate the Sorcerers / Sages until the next class destroying nerf hits us. And it will, and it's planned, and you know it.

By the way, give us our Overload 360 back, or change every knockback, as well as Smash to a cone. And give us our ranged electrocute back while you're at it.

What do I expect to get? Static Barrier will be self only, with a 1 minute cool down, and a 2 second cast time. But the damage mitigation will be increased by 5%, so it can be called a Buff and not a Nerf. Electric Bindings and Backlash will be removed as options to be spec'd into.
Ah the good old days... when I could combat stealth, put up 10k protection bubbles 4 times in a single fight, Force Lightning stunned and even flame jets couldn't hurt a sorc, we could nullify all CC on us at will... oh it just goes on- we were a good class before we got nerfed.

I don't know how we had a 31/31/31 talent tree... in both sorc and sins and still ended up with more powerful abilities than were possible- but when we did have that, we were good weren't we?

Also- good suggestion on our next buff- seems legit, do you have insider knowledge on BW?