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Dear EA/Bioware,
In celebration of OUR accomplishment of one full year of subscription, you have decided to bestow upon us fireworks and thank you kindly for those. However i find that they are quite worthless. I fired 4 of them.
It's especially joyous when my character just stands there when i fire off the firework, doing his/her normal lookaround shuffle idle thing. You can't even tie a /cheer into it, make it so we clap hands and squeal or something (yes in the future all emotes must cost us CC, but you could have recycled existing ones at least) It would be nice if there was at least some imaginary simulated delight going on somewhere, over this trumped up, much heralded and celebrated firework.
Joy upon Joy, i have fired a firework, when all of my Characters were given an even more useless flare gun at the start of their simulated lives...

I know those "I quit" posts are soooo annoying to people, but I get them now. I gotta say this somewhere, and this thread is asking for it. You want input as to how I am celebrating our 1 year anniversary.
I am celebrating by downloading Secret World and moving on. My subscription has been cancelled.
This whole event is a blind cash grab to squeeze us, subscribers or not, and it as transparent as glass. You guys are just riding high off the cash you have raked in since going F2P.
I hope that one day I can come back and not be repulsed by the in-your-face greed you exhibit, but something tells me that this behavior is just getting started. Maybe it's the miles worth of wasted text in these forums i have been too fanboyish to pay real attention too. Wish I did sooner.

The deed is done. I too have just cancled my sub...
I'm in it for the credits. You just happen to be my credits.