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To whom it may concern at BioWare/EA:

Why not do a new world event forcing Imperial players and Republic players to work together against a common enemy? The whole, 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' thing. Seeing as we have the CHISS race, why couldn't we explore another possibility...? Why not a world event that pits the Empire and Republic against the Yuuzhan Vong?

If the Chiss are somehow in this game thousands of years before their peak, why not have the Yuuzhan Vong play a role in this game in the form of a massive world event?
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Because that would break the Lucas approved timeline of when they appeared
I'm pretty sure that Canderous Ordo saw a Vong Cruiser/scout.
/support the idea of a Yuuzhan Vong event.

...seriously though. Did the Rakata really just roll over and accept their fate after Revan crashed on Lehon?