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Chapter 7: Things Only a Sith Can Do

The Sith
Overgrown Trail

I had ensured that Darth Lachris let the republic know we were coming. My sister didn't disappoint, they were waiting for us at the bottom of the lifts, well before we'd get to the base. And the battle was glorious.

I drove my lightsaber into a republic trooper. Another. A Jedi charged at me, and I licked my lips. Lord Praven's skill was better than half the fool Jedi Xerrin had brought to battle. But he'd been trained as a Sith before he'd been seduced to the lightside. I would make him suffer for it.

I was only fighting with one lighstaber at present and my blade clashed against the red one he still carried. Just as I was beginning to enjoy our dance, he ruined it when he started speaking.

"The darkside is not the way," Lord Praven said as our lightsabers pressed together again. "You need not live in the shad-"

I thrust my hand out and shot a blast of lightening right into his mouth. He choked on his own cry of pain as I sheathed my lightsaber, brought my other hand up and really made him suffer. I moved my blast to his body, so his armor melted into his skin, so those around him could finally hear his screams.


Abruptly the lightening stopped. My gaze snapped up to reveal - my children. The three of them were running towards me, frantically waving their arms and shouting. Emotion crashed into me so fiercely I almost collapsed. Had I not been so entrenched in the darkside and the bloodlust of battle I might have choked back a sob. As it were all I could do for those precious seconds was stare at them in shocked disbelief.

They were shouting something but explosions had gone off around us and I couldn't make it out. I meant to move in their direction, was already adjusting my ear implant to so I could separate their voices from the noise of battle, but before I could complete the process Xerrin leaped at me.

I caught her with the force and knocked her away from me. She crashed into a pair of fighting men. The darkside closed around me as I focused on the reason I had thought my children dead; her lies. The image of Elliah being struck down followed, flashing behind my eye.

I ripped off my helmet. I withdrew both my lightsabers as I closed the distance between us. I wasn't going to use lightening, or my command of the darkside to kill her. I was going to beat her down like the Marauder I was, make every second of this battle a lesson in pain. And when I finally did kill her it still wouldn't stop - I was going to bask in her death as the Republic she'd chosen over her family lost to the power of the Sith. To my power.

I attacked her with utter violence. A ripple of pleasure rocked down my spine when she met my attack with the same ferocity. A small part of my mind thought her strength curious, but that voice was silenced as we began our dance.

The battle around us faded to a distant noise, our lightsabers humming rapidly before they crashed together, each strike an attempt to kill, to cause pain. She tried to get in close and I let her, rewarding her invasion of my space when I slammed my forehead into hers.

She stumbled backwards. I licked my lips. "This time when my blades cross your throat sister, I will take your head."

"You've already lost, Sith." Xerrin attacked.

So. Did. I.

The Bounty Hunter

"She's gonna killer her!" I slammed my fist into one of the Troopers helmets, grabbed his gun and shot another. When the Pub Troops caught sight of us, they of course assumed we were with the Empire, and started attacking.

"We've got to get to her!" Tana growled, snapping a neck.

Vanceto flipped a Jedi over him, and kicked him in the face to put him out. "I will clear the way!" He turned, got ready to roar at the Trooper in front of him, but before he could we heard the sound of blaster fire behind us and the trooper dropped.

Andro was supporting most of her weight, but Aunt Reide was holding her blaster with both hands, her face was white as a sheet. She looked seconds away from death. She also looked pissed.

"We'll clear the way. Get to your mom. Move!" Behind her Akaavi and Bodwaar charged forward and past us, carving a path.

All of us nodded. Grim determination setting in, we began plowing through the chaotic battle field towards the fighting sisters.

Balmorra Republic Orbital Station
The Titan's Flare

"Ready Tee-seven?" Doc whispered.

T7 gave Doc a beep in affirmative. About an hour ago, T7 had finally found Doc in the med bay at Bug town and told him a Voss Mystic was doing something to Xerrin. The little droid was sure of it. Doc hadn't even known there was a Voss traveling on her ship. T7 had explained that Xerrin had given the little droid orders not to tell anyone of the Voss's presence but the smart little droid was worried about her.

The two of them had snuck back onto her ship. Doc had his blaster in hand. "You shock the hell out of him T7, and I'll try to take him down."

T7 beeped another affirmative. Doc drew in a deep breath then kicked open the door to Xerrin's quarters. The Voss Mystic was meditating, a black cloud circling around him. T7 shocked the crap out of him and the Voss broke from his meditation his eyes snapping open.

"You should not have done that," the Mystic growled.

"Yes, he should have."

Doc glanced over his shoulder and was beyond relieved to see Master Sumalee standing there.

Before he could thank her though - the Mystic attacked.
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