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The Sith

Vette hadn't disappointed me. I was standing against the railing in front of the mechanized travel launch pad when she walked back onto the base, only a few droids short but more importantly with the leader of Balmorra's little resistance, a Twi'lek named Zenith.

Reide had worked with him once. She had also ranked him as an acceptable one night stand.

Reide. I hadn't heard from her in days. She'd gone to find Gaden-Ko. To find out what he'd sought Elliah for. As my thoughts turned more towards my sister I realized I couldn't feel her. There was nothing. My head tilted in thought. There was a void where she should be... like I'd felt before with Elliah. With my children.

I slowly frowned. I couldn't feel Xerrin either and I knew with certainty she was alive. Was I losing my grip on the force? I reached for Jaesa and in seconds felt her, strongly. All right, if not that, then what?

"My lord?"

I realized this was the second time Vette had spoken to me. I snapped my attention back to the present moment. Slowly I drew back my cowl and walked up to Zenith. He stared defiantly back at me, like a real leader shoulder when faced with an enemy.

I was going to torture him and broadcast to the republic. And then I was going to kill him for them all to see, and when they asked me why I was going give them a nice little speech like Xerrin had given me. I was going to tell them how much I was going to enjoy watching them suffer, watching everything they'd promised they could protect from the empire burn -

If Reide was alive, and I couldn't feel it, might that mean my children were still alive too? I was no fool to deception - Elliah might have died a hero, not over a choice. Had Xerrin not shown me my children's deaths because she'd lied? But why? What game was she playing?

Vette stepped into my side, close enough that only I could hear her. "Laresa, are you all right?"

Her words snapped me out of my thoughts yet again. I nodded once at her then used my ear implant.

"General Pierce."

"My Lord."

"Is she here yet?"

"Was just about to call. Jedi Master Xerrin arrived at the Troida Military 'shop bout an hour ago. Brought a whole Jedi posse with her."

The reason for my torment, here. Anticipation wound tightly through me. I looked back at Zenith. "Do you have hope?"


"Hope. Do you have hope you will be rescued, or should I kill you now, so your final hours need not be spent in a dark, lightless cell?"

He met my cold stare evenly. "I will always have hope."

"And if I tell you I'm going to slaughter a Jedi Master on the battlefield for all your people to see?"

"I'd tell you I don't care. We've been abandoned by the republic before because of you Sith. Even if I die, you will never break the heart of the resistance. We will always fight you."

My lips turned up into a faint smile. "How inspiring your conviction is," I stepped into him, leaning in close so I could speak quietly into his ear, my words for him alone. "When I return, I will pull out your heart, break it in half and deliver it to your resistance. And then I will find your other leaders, your lieutenants and captains and I will do the same to them. And I will continue to do it, until I find the heart that breaks you. A perfect response to your symbology no?"

I took a step back, watching the play of emotion on his face. His anger. His fear that I'd do it. I looked at my droids. "Throw him in a cell and watch over him. If he tries to escape kill him. Slowly."

The droids took him away. I turned to Vette. "Ready to share a battle field with me?"

"Yes," she smiled faintly. Quickly sobered as she fell into step next to me. "What had you in your head back there?"

I frowned slowly. Hope was not a luxury I could stomach. For me it would be nothing more than a weakness. And though events were suspicious and I smelled deception lurking the only thing I knew with any certainty was that Xerrin was at the heart of it.

And now, she was here.

"Nothing of importance. Just my dark thoughts of revenge. My sister has strong Jedi with her, I can feel them."

"I'll fire twice as fast. When are we going?"

"We march on the Trodia Military Workshop at dawn. I like the idea of slaughtering the Republic at first light."

"Twisted," Vette said. "But that's kinda how I'm feeling."

The Smuggler
Coreward Worlds
The Obsidian

When I woke up I was on my ship and in the med bay. I wasn't sure how I'd gotten there or how long I'd been out. Andro was sitting at my bedside, staring at me with the most intense expression on his face I'd ever seen. As my brain slowly returned and made me aware of all my bodily functions, all I felt was pain. Lots of it. Understanding dawned. Even if I hadn't been able to feel it, it was written all over Andro's face.

Well frak. "How long?" I asked.

"Droid said he couldn't say. Not long though," he said roughly. He reached out, taking my hand and pressed my knuckles against his mouth.

It was then I realized my droid was scattered in pieces around the med bay. I laughed and grimaced at the same time. "You didn't have to take it out on poor C2."

Andro wasn't amused. I would have been completely turned on by all the emotion he was throwing my way if I didn't feel like death itself and he didn't look like he was in as much pain as I was. "You can't leave me, Ria," he nearly growled. "You don't get to cut out on our marriage and the kids."

I arched a brow at him. "Us? Married? Kids?"

"Yes dammit! I wasn't gonna leave this time and I wasn't gonna let you leave either!" He exploded. "You were gonna marry me and then we were gonna settle down, in a house, on a ship, I don't give a frak. And then we were gonna raise a few little angry, lying, smugglers and pirates that looked like you." Andro was crying. I didn't think he was capable. Silent tears ran from his devastated eyes. My heart clenched.

I would have liked that. I would have liked that a lot I realized as I let my mind paint the picture of his words. I sucked back the sudden lump in my throat and tugged on his hand. "C'mere you big baby," I whispered.

He slid onto the bed with me, pulling me into him. For a long time we said nothing. Then I asked, "Where's my ring, cheap skate?"

He reached into his pocket and slid something onto my finger. I looked down at the simple, bright little stone. I have to admit, my guy had taste. It was perfect. I let the silence hang between us again, burying my face in the crook of his neck and breathed him in, even though breathing hurt. A lot. "I love you Andronikos Revel. Now get me outta this med bay."

He drew in a shaky breath and got up. I expected him to help me up, but he bent down and scooped me up into his arms.

"Oh hell no," I started to protest "I will walk-"

"Shut up. C2 said your strength's gonna go quick so your gonna keep what little you got for now. Deal with it." He muttered and carried me through the ship.

Getting to snuggle into him wasn't that bad, but I still didn't like feeling so weak. I tried using the force to bolster my strength but I almost didn't even have the energy to do that. Still, it helped a little but I knew when something was just prolonging the inevitable.

When we got into the cockpit, my niece and nephews were crowded in the small space. There was too much sadness in their eyes as they looked at me.

I gave em what I hoped was a strong smile. "Where we going?"

"Balmorra. We haven't been able to reach mom by comm. She's on the battle field," Lancoro said.

"We should let her finish this, once and for all," Vanceto all but growled.

"Hey..." I snapped at him. "If this is the path your mom wanted to go down it woulda happened years ago. This is because of you," I looked at all three of em. "Because she thought she lost you. The Voss are the bigger problem."

Tana's eyes widened. "She thinks were dead?"


"****," Lancoro muttered.


Andro turned us so I could see Akaavi standing in the doorway.

"Lokir-Ka managed to send us a message. He said that the Voss likely have a Mystic traveling with the Jedi, keeping her connected to whatever spell they have controlling her."

"You passed out before we were half-way there," Andro filled in the missing parts of my memory for me. "Lokir was at the factory when we arrived, helping hold the Commando's off. He was... worried about you," Andro muttered.

I almost laughed at the jealousy I heard in his tone. Lokir-Ka had been a friend when I first landed on Voss, helping me through a few adventures. He'd even developed a little crush on me and we might have made a night or two of it. That was about as deep as it went though.

I kissed Andro on the cheek because it was cute when he got jealous. "So if we kill the mystic, it'll release her?"

"We hope."

I paused considering. Even if we got to the Mystic first, that wouldn't stop Laresa from killing Xerrin. She needed to know the truth. "All right. We're not taking any chances. First we get to the battlefield and you guys make sure your mom and Xerrin don't kill each other. Knock Xerrin out. Tell your mom everything. She'll find the Mystic, and then you all will figure out how to stop the Voss."

They all nodded. Lancoro said quietly. "I'm sorry, Aunt Reide."

"Not your fault. The Voss played all of us, but they're gonna frakking regret it." I was exhausted. I wanted to sleep, but I didn't dare close my eye. "Andro?"

"Yeah Ria?"

"You better fix the droid."

He quirked a brow at me.

"You wanna get married or not?" I asked him.

His jaw clenched the way it did when I made him all emotional.

"I can perform such ceremonies Captain," Akaavi said quietly. "It would be my honor."

I nodded. Even that slight motion made me nauseatingly dizzy. I sucked in a few silent breaths trying to work through it and realized I was wheezing. Andro squeezed me tighter when he sensed my distress. His grip was painful for a few seconds but I wouldn't have traded it for anything. "Okay Akaavi you do it," I said finally. "You still gotta fix the droid, Andro."

He nodded. "I'll fix it."

"Then you may marry me. But first I gotta call an old friend."
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