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12.14.2012 , 09:02 PM | #9
i gain probably millions of xp while doing space missions from lvl 12ish to 50. it's an amazing source of xp. past like lvl 40 or so, you gain over 100,000 xp for like 25 minutes of space missions. you CANNOT beat that anywhere.
even from lvl 12, it's usually a good 60k xp a day and around 150,000 whenever you get new missions.

alot of times i only have an hour to play. i run 2 guys through their space missions, BAM, 60k+ xp. level every 2-3 days. you can't beat that. i've done entire characters 30-50 only doing space missions. sure it took weeks, but i didn't have to spend more than 25 minutes per day.
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