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12.14.2012 , 05:54 PM | #166
Just an update:

Now lvl 35 and did my first true solo burn down (lvl 40+ jedi knight) and node capture in WZ the other night ... burst is strong! I also randomly dueled another sith on Taris and killed him w/o much of a scratch ... the time to kill on this spec is very rewarding!

On a side note, i am heavily twinked w/ purple barrel + 41 power crystal and all orange armor w/ blue mods + augments ... about 561 max damage + 25% crit + 70% surge (all 4 buffs + biochem stim) Leveling up alts is fun!

Just won a 3v1 w/o dying in Voidstar on the final door ... this spec just burns em down if you're geared well and practice your rotations!

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