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QQ means to complain. And it yes, you are or at least it seems as much. There is no hypocrisy on the part of subscribers. There can't be. We came first. The game was designed to be played in a subscription model. We are getting NOTHING by EAware going F2P. If anything EAware's approach is that we should feel greatful we get to keep the features we have; the alternative is to be penalized via the F2P model. Think about that a moment. What you are saying is that because you don't WANT TO play for a subscription that we the subscribers should be penalized like you are. That is envy. Not only are you jealous but you don't want others to have the advantages you don't have. But, they AREN'T advantages. They represent the NORM. It is not hypocrisy for subscribers to want to keep the features that they have been paying for ALL ALONG. It is the hights of selfishness and envy to say as you say because you don't want or can't pay a subscription. You are being calumnious to subscribers claiming the same to by steeped in hypocrisy. If anything it is you who are in the end a hypocrit.
Nothing that you have said there is in his post. All he is saying is that by paying a sub you (the royal you) should not equate P2W as something that circumvents a grind because by subscribing you are doing just that. In all definitions of the word that is hypocrisy.