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This is where we will have to agree to disagree, which is cool. I simply think that as they themselves have defined it, the anti-P2W people are engaging in functionally identical behavior when they pay their money to EA. The reason i am saying that, and why I'm posting in this thread at all, is because I hope that their opinions don't influence Bioware to restrict what they put in the cartel market. I think that a wide variety of stuff should be available, with the exception PVP gear and possibly the highest tier PVE gear.
I have already told you the definition of P2win. I have already detailed ad nausem what it means to be a subscriber. Again you are being obtuse. The CC store should NEVER have anything in it that is AS GOOD AS or BETTER than what can be obtained in the game. I swear I wish EA would make special servers for people that think as you do and just give you everything you want at character creation and give each of you "I win" macros that you can fire off at each other and have an rng determin who wins. The rest of us want to earn our battle wounds and our rewards and have fun WORKING for what we achieve. That is why people play games for competition. What you propose makes it so anyone can compete WITHOUT having to put in the effort and gain the skill and knowledge to do so. What YOU are proposing is PAY TO WIN. Yes you ARE QQing by definition.