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Not at all. That cannot be inferred from anything I have said. I have said only that the hypocrits are those who are opposed to this thing they call "pay to win" which as they define it includes paying for conveniences and means of circumvention *if* they also happen to be subscribers.
In this case it is NOT hypocrisy to want to keep what you have always had and which you are still being charged. Paying a subscription can NEVER be pay to win by definition. Paying to win is getting something that is the same or more powerful than what can be attained in the game via some form of circumventing some rule mechanic. If anything subscribers are playing the game by the rules, as designed and as intended. Getting to continue to play by the rules for the price of a sub is NOT and advantage. Being able to get something in a store that I have to work for, spend time grinding, and killing Bosses for is pay to win, and entitled and in the end will bring a rapid decline to the caliber of players that play a game.