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Again, I am not complaining simply pointing out some nasty hypocrisy.

I would like to clarify that I am not calling subscribers hypocrits. I am calling people who deride what they call "pay to win" while at the same time engaging in functionally equivalent behavior through the act of subscribing, hypocrits.
Don't you see by this very statement you ARE in fact calling ALL subscribers hypocrits for subscribing. We are subscribing and in this case "getting to keep the features" that we have had all along. We have ALWAYS since the begining of this game had these features. To continue to keep them and still pay our subscription is NOT hypocrisy. It is the NORM. It is SELFISH and ENTITLED for someone that is a Freeple to claim they should have every feature that a subscriber has or it's NOT FAIR they are PAYING TO WIN. You aren't paying anything. You should feel GRATEFUL that EAware is daft enough to GIVE YOU THE ENTIRE LEVELING GAME (their best stuff) for free. That's right you are getting way MORE for free than you ought. You should be RESTRICTED MORE than you are if you are a freeple.

This is a clear example of "why buy the cow, we are getting the milk for free, but we want two cows now, one isn't enough".