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But, what you are QQing about is not in line with the content you are using to base your argument. The restrictions in no way restrict one from doing the content that is given away for free. Nothing that is restricted is NEEDED to go from level 1 to 50. If there were restrictions that completely blocked one from going from level 1 to 50 and the content from level 1 to 50 were still given away for free, I might agree with you. But, in reality it's not this way. A Freeple has everything he needs to get from level 1 to 50 unencumbered. If you are QQing because you want to play the end game for free, I have no sympathies for you. I think the restrictions should be even MORE restrictive for people that want to milk the end game for free.
First, i don't know what QQ means but I don't think I am doing it. I am not complaining about anything, simply pointing out the hypocrisy of those who are shouting about the evil's of F2P, because I would prefer that their opinions not influence the game.

Second, you have misread or misunderstood what I have said. F2P represents the core game precisely because you can play from the beginning to the end. Therefore, paying the subscription fee to gain conveniences and means of circumvention is P2W under the definitions that have been proposed here.

Finally, I am a subscriber, and a user of the cash store. Accusing me of wanting to play the end game for free is incorrect and cannot be inferred from anything I have said.