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Or the AT-AT's can kill the Sith
Lol, you obviously haven't played TFU! But seriously, Force jump, lightsaber that can cut through anything, force lighting and Force push etc vs big walker with long, thin legs and a body just begging to be ripped apart.

I thought I might put by SWTOR Encloypedia to use and compare an Imperial Star Destroyer with a Harrower-Class Dreadnought:

Harrower: 800 metres
Star Destroyer: 1600 metres

Troop Capactiy
Harrower: 7300
Star Destroyer: 9700

Starfighter/bomber Capacity
Harrower: 127 (35 shuttles)
Star Destroyer: 72 (23 shuttles)

Standard Armament:
Harrower: Turbolaser cannons, Quad-laser turrets, ion cannons, proton torpedo tubes, concussion missile launchers
Star Destroyer: ion cannons, turbolaser batteries, heavy turbolaser batteries, heavy ion cannons, tractor beams.

Overall the Star Destroyer is superior to the Harrower, but not by a considerable amount, a harrower could still take on a Star Destroyer and win. After destroyers displayed themselves to be vulnerable to star fighters in the Battle of Endor...

I may do some more of these on troops etc at a later date.