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Ashara is the best companion for a sorc, dps or healer. She puts out the same dps as Andronikos but has the advantage of being melee -- at least advantageous for a sorc.

This is especially good for the OWPvP encounters. As a sorc, it is not that great to have another ranged helper, it only makes you an easier target to pick. As a ranged class you would want a partner that is in the opponents face, slowing them, doing awesome damage and distracting from targeting you at range -- she does this job perfectly.

Also, most of the time you will be standing right next to a ranged companion, which means drawing aggro from mobs is them simply turning around. If you lose aggro to Ashara, the mobs have 30m of distance to walk towards you. That gives you time to slow, root, heal, bubble, whatever.

She will not hold aggro as great as the tank pets it you're talking PvE, but once you get her geared out she takes damage quite well and most mobs are dead before they have a chance to change target to you. My Ashara is now sitting at over 22k health, about 900 bonus force damage, high crit, decent accuracy and she just obliterates things. Highly recommended companion, been using her since launch... only used Khem in beta, he always seemed broken.

As a deception assassin I use Talos. I'm always on full health and all the dps I need is my own.
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