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seems like you are overcomplicating your shield phase clear with the whole guard the other tank thing. It really isn't necessary. The trenchers automatically get aggroed onto tanks its the mechanic. My guild prefers to use our 2 melee dpsers in raid to each pick a warr and burn it while the tanks protect our 2 aoers sniper and merc who destroy the trenchers fast. Usually have around 8s downtime between finishing the first group and when the second group spawns. with the 2 tanks in the group behind the walker protecting the aoe with their taunts and the 2 melee dps burning down the warrs it makes that phase an absolute joke.
Glad to hear someone else has the titles too think there are only 4 guilds in the world with em now.
We've tried this before. We know it works (we've seen videos of it working) but we found the DPS on the Warriors died too fast. Once we switched to a tank on the warriors our healers thought it was much easier.

This way also lets all the DPS stay on the Walker for as long as possible without having to worry about anything. Again, there are of course other strategies that can beat this phase, but we found ours to be the most consistent. When we got our two hour titles the other night we actually beat the entire raid (including the pre Drouks trash) in 68 minutes. We've gotten to the point where we can not only kill Kephess, but do it consistently.

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We tried this in my group a number of times (even the guard swapping bit, which I think is pretty clever). Unfortunately, shadow tanks have healing agro that is more than sufficient to tip the threat scales in their favor. The Trenchcutters spawn with pre-set agro on the tanks (both of them), but the moment either tank generates even a smidgen of threat, everything will go for them. Since shadows generate AoE threat just by hitting things (when we self-heal), we always ended up in a situation where the "warrior kiter" had everything on him immediately.
So the guarded tank on the Warriors is pulling the Trenchcutters because of Shadow self heals? That makes sense, and its not something we have to deal with since we only have one Shadow. I guess the Shadow on the warriors could stop attacking for a second as the Trenchcutters spawn, but I can see how that makes it have more room for error.