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I don't mean to be snappish, but there seems to be a lot of speculation here due to not having info regarding the SE.

1. Sidious's ships get zero tech advantage per Kaggath rules. They only get to be better tech-wise if they were awesome in their time (they were awesome for their time, but so were the SE's ships)

2. GE's won't have more ships then the SE. The SE has been building for a thousand years I think? They're be making ships just as, if not faster, then the GE's ships.

I just can't think of anything that would suggest that Sidious's fleet would be bigger then Vitiate's. Heck, I would think Vitiate's fleet would be bigger since they'd been growing for a thousand years.
The Star Destroyers are bigger, have more guns, have more shield generators and can carry more fighters, there are also well over 20,000 of them, The main Imperial Navy for the SE is seen right there in the game and then you have the Dark Council's fleets, twelve of them, a real match for the 20,000 SDs on the Empire's side.

You really think that the SE has a larger industry than the GALACTIC Empire? I would suggest looking it up, do remember that the Sith didn't take any of the Republic's industry, they blew it to hell, which is mused on as a fool's mistake later on in the Cold War by Malgus, doesn't matter how much time you have when your opponent has far more shipyards, most of which is run by the Kuat Drive Yards, a monster organization by the time of the galactic Civil War, the same organization that was part of the ship building industries used by the Republic Navy at the time of the Great galactic War, where the Republic Navy effectively equalled the SE in size.

If the Sith Empire only managed to get as far as the Mid-rim worlds, the deepest of which was Alderaan, before they met high resistance and even started losing ground up to Korriban, how well do you think they'd do against the Empire which replaced a Galactic Republic that had a thousand years of relative peace and time to build infrastructure, only the CIS could rival them because their forces were made up of the most easily produced droids in the Galaxy and they still lost.

Then the Empire itself that was so big, the New Republic didn't actually believe they could take on the Imperial Remnant until they realised the Empire had devolved into a Warlord like state that was too busy fighting each other, until of course Thrawn came along and became the Supreme commander of the Empire and was handily thrashing the New Republic again, because they'd stopped fighting themselves.