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My account is lapsing tonight and I should be taking a break from the game for 3-6 months. I don't think I want to do the F2p, although I have morbid curiosity and sort of want to check out what my characters are like when the account slips to free. I'm however a bit worried of unintentionally screwing up my crafting skills. Which for most characters are max or near max (I tend to have all characters as potion making biotechers).

Anyway in what I've read so far from FAQs and posting I'm a little unsure of the mechanics of this is handled. Specifically if log into a character when the sub is up, and come back later will it remember my old crafting level when I sub again? Or will it be permanently lowered when I momentarily accessed it in free mode?

I'm probably paranoid but I've learned to be careful of game mechanics.....
Due to the F2P bug I involuntarily suffered this on one of my characters. I logged in a quicky to send my companions out to run slicing missions. The I noticed the game thought I was a F2P player and asked me to choose 2 crew skills when I clicked on the slicing symbol since I weren't allowed 3. I just pressed the X and logged out. When logging in my status was restored and all crew skills were still at max. Don't know what happens if you select 2 crew skills though if you want to still run missions as a F2P player.