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Hey my Assassin as a tank (level 30 atm) and I'm wondering if at lvl 50 it's viable to give up Wither for the 10+ Force from the tier 3 of Deception (can't remember the name of the talent). Please give me feedback.
Wither has a 5% damage debuff. There is a case to be made that an assassin tank might be better off in something like a 27/12/2 spec. Instead of using the standard rotation of shock/wither/thrash or discharge/ shock try the following.

Leveraging more "energize" to proc shock after cast with more thrashes (which in dark charge trigger a chance of healing) over going up to 31 points. While that might not produce as many 2% healing FL's you gain very advantageous things in the 27/12/2 spec. You gain an ability in 8-16 man boss fights to stealth and get healed. You can instantly drop your threat with stealth and get critical heals if your healer gets in trouble. In addition, you gain a 25% damage reduction for 6 seconds exiting stealth (starting fights) and when you use blackout. Paired with other stims and relics this is a wonder thing when things get hairy or bosses enrage and you need to up your damage mitigation.

In some of those AoE fights where these bosses fill the map with AoE dropping harnessed darkness and picking up a 30% AoE reduction might be better than a 2% heal and a 5% damage reduction. 23/17/1.

What is 2% of your health? In my case with 24000 health its 480. Now I know that adds up, but so does the aoe reduction and dark embrace damage reductions and getting healed out of stealth when your healer needs a second to catch up.

I think wither is good, but I look at other mitigation as a tank and I wonder if any high end pve tanks see it the way I do. I openly admit to pve being my secondary roll and do not constantly run pve or high end pve raiding.
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