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Thanks for the games Nightmare Squadron. Looking forward to seeing more imps!
You guys play like a well-oiled machine. Those first couple matches last night were rough. heh

For many of our team members, last night was their first real taste of Ranked. We are trying to get a consistent team together, but as you know, it's not easy. Hopefully, people continue to be willing to give it a go now that they can gear up easily.

Btw, we did get a win last night against the Pubs. Just wasn't against you guys. So the night ended on a positive note for us.

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This week we've played against Warcloud and Black Sun. It's great to finally see some imps queuing. I hope the gear grind makes it that more groups queue up.
I've been in Ranked with two different Imp teams this week, Nightmare Squadron (my guild) and Warcloud. So the Imps are definitely queuing Ranked. I know myself, Shadowlyn, Clewat and some others are trying to get more Imps to queue. As you know, Impside on our server is decidedly weak skill-wise. The majority of players would benefit greatly from the increase in competition.
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