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12.14.2012 , 11:07 AM | #10
=D Thanks for the support! We saw, with the introduction of the Cartel Market, just how quickly a 4th Cargo Bay slot became obtainable, so I think I agree with you that it's tough to call just how long a feature like this would take to develop but it's certainly doable

I'm revisiting this suggestion because it's becoming, as predicted, rather important. I now have a war hero PvP set, a Dread Master PvE set, several bonus gear sets (world events, bell hat, sabers with rare color crystals), Revan's set, and the Life Day gear--I like the looks of each of these things, and I'm definitely running out of space fast!

Adding a way to manage outfits (and to take them out of inventory) is only going to become a bigger and bigger deal if BW succeeds at making me want more cartel stuff! And...this system would make the transition from PvP to PvE to dual-spec much simpler~

(Imagine if each speeder we unlocked went into inventory to's a good thing there's a separate tab for it, and it's basically the same idea for outfits)
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