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I don't see an issue.

These items are for show and not necessary at all.

If you want them pay up, if you can't afford them well then how can you afford $15 a month for a game?

It's like someone who doesn't tip a server well. If you can't afford the tip then how can you afford to eat out? oh that's because you can afford the tip you're just cheap and can't admit that to yourself.
For a lot of people, it has nothing to do with "being able to afford it". I have the disposable income to buy 11,000 cartel coins every month if I wanted to. Doesn't mean I'm inclined to do so. The problem is the principle. They are doing something a little festive for the holiday. That's cool. The part that leaves the bad taste in people's mouths is you can ONLY get them through the cartel market. When they are talking about content every 6 weeks, this is not what we envision. They could have at least done something like the Rakghoul event where people can obtain the items through in-game means. What would have been a huge gesture is "it's the holidays, so to thank you for supporting us here's a package of holiday goodies in your mail!". Instead, we get what are basically reskinned items with a hefty price tag slapped on. It's not like they "developed" anything in that pack, except maybe the orb. To turn around and charge $20 for the set? AND on the cartel market, the original price is 3700 coins. THIRTY-SEVEN HUNDRED. Yes, that is gouging, insulting, and bad form.
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