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Businesses don't think only in terms of "direct" profit. Advertising yields no direct profit. Free samples yield no direct profit. F2P yields no direct profit. Customer service yields no direct profit.

If their financial analysis team is reasonably competent, they'll factor in the profit from retained players and additional players spending in the cash shop due to the existence of new content when estimating how many resources should be allocated.

Businesses don't think, they act more like a wave of starfish devoring everything in their path (which is why we have so many Laws controlling them - and we don't always success and we end up with the Credit Crunch).

But they'll know what brings in the most profit for least cost, you can be certain of that.

Quote: Originally Posted by Vandicus View Post
There is no guarantee that we won't all die like those 2012 Mayan prophecy crazies believe. There's no guarantee that a lot of things will or won't happen.

You're taking a position that something EA might react abnormally to the situation. As such, the burden of proof lies with you.

If you're going to attempt to use an argument that EA operates similarly with similarly profitable products, try to use one that has even a remotely similar profit margin and potential for profit. A cash shop with Warhammer themed items is highly unlikely to be remotely as profitable as the TOR market, simply because of the difference in size of player base for example.

People were saying it WOULD be reinvested, that is what I was disagreeing with , there is no guareentee of that, 0% may well be reinvested in SWTOR.

Actually WARs biggest Cashshop seller by far was their P2W pet, which basically became a mandatory purchase to play the game at the top level.
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