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You should probably learn a bit more about the rules of logic before claiming a logical fallacy.

A company does not necessarily provide more resources to profit sources, true, and does not necessarily provide additional resources based on the relative success of a product, true, but in the overwhelming majority of cases they do. Furthermore, this is in line with EA's practice with similar products. In all probability, EA uses normal business practices when it comes to allocating funds in regards to SWTOR.

That TOR is not "core" to the company is unsurprising. Everything that EA has put into Bioware and developing TOR is only roughly half a year of profit to them. If TOR had WoW like earnings, it'd increase their yearly revenue by less than 30%. Their initial aim of 1 million subscribers would've been less than a 5% change in total revenue. In the big scheme of EA, TOR has always been a relatively tiny part.
Again though I'm not sure that is true, and again where it is it doesn't mean the whole game just the tasty bits (the Cashshop).

So while some of it may be channelled back in to development, it also may not be at all, there is no guareentee at all.

And it's not like there isn't prior form, Warhammer Online never got its profits reinvested, they quite simply cut it off and maintanced moded it and let it tick away like that.
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