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I enjoyed your video. I thought when originally watching it that you were playing the exact same hybrid I am, but it's not quite the same. I'm wondering do you every feel like you're running on empty with force? Also why a point in Lightning Spire over taking Lightning Barrier? I guess I am a bit more defensive because I find I am hunted by Warriors/JK's a LOT.

Also I was a bit surprised (as some one else mentioned) how often you crit in that video.

Madness is nice for solo queuing, but I run out of force so often... I have to die, just to catch my breath. I truly enjoy the hybrid spec but I still do more damage with Madness personally.

One day, I'd love to go full Lightning (successfully). I see the odd person pull it off but it does remind me of Arsenal Mercs... a lot of standing around hoping no one notices you.

Good video though, and thanks for sharing the information.
With this spec I rarely run out of force. Sometimes I time an occasional Consumption right before I use Crushing Darkness because I get health return from that DoT. (Another situational tip. You wouldn't want to use consumption if you're getting beat on.)

The point in lightning spire has been a great tool to use when defending a node or simply harassing the enemy at their goal line from the third level in huttball. I use Lightning strike whenever my Crushing Darkness is on cooldown after a wrath proc to make the best use out of the two points in Subversion.

I often play with a my team whether its in rateds or normal warzones. So I'm relying on my healer to have those two points in lightning barrier.
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