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I think that the Consular's storyline is quite boring, but not the voice acting.
My main is a male Jedi Sage, and I've been hearing him speak since Beta. I think Nolan North's voice is quite fitting with the stereotype of a calm, diplomatic kind of Jedi. I like it in my light side sage, no doubt.
It fits perfectly with my Body type 3 Light V Shadow Tank, and has done from the moment he first spoke to Master Syo on Tython.
There's one thing that's got me thinking, though. Am I the only one who noticed a slight change in the consular's voice with the latest recorded dialogue? In the HK and Section X conversations, I mean. It's like North had a cold or something... Maybe they even changed the voice actor? Or it may be just me...
Yes, I noticed that in the dialogue that lead to the Black Hole area, and the Denova dialogues. In RP terms, it could be that he got a cold after running around so much on Ilum....

The Section X stuff seems much less pronounced, and the conversations with HK-51 (which I finished last night) sound unaffected, although it might just be that they were recorded along with the original dialogue, and not more recently.