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A few things here.

First of all, there is a reason people are crafting things free with mats, and it has nothing to do with helping out the community.
These posts are off topic.

I will say that many (most?) of us who craft for free don't have an stake in the stabilizer market (which should be crashing any day now, dude to WH RE's). <The Silent Council> has schematics that no one else on the server can make, and we still made the decision to craft for free for the server. We were not 'undercut': we never offered these schematics for sale. We are not especially interested in playing PvP with the market: we do this as a service to the server. The benefit to us is in earned goodwill. It's the same reason we regularly offer free access to the +10 datacron.

If someone wants to make money off their unique schematics, more power to them. But the animosity toward those who offer a free service to the server doesn't make sense to me.

I hope you can understand my frustration with an entire array of very generous crafters being accused of excessive greed.
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