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12.14.2012 , 10:19 AM | #50
I died in the explosion on purpose a few times as well, and yeah, the shield is down every time so there's no wait to get out and no disengaging from a melee at the center to run back and go get the pylon again. I couldnt see any jump in the score or anything, but I'm still not really sure how that bizarro scoreboard works....
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Plus I'm usually down in health after leaving the spawn spot anyway, since I haven't figured out a sure-fire way to drop without falling too far and taking fall-damage.
And what IS the point with the wz's that have the huge damaging drop on leaving the spawn lol..? Just seems stupid and an additional FU for having died. In this one you have to basically have no speed when dropping off the ledge so you dont land further down the ramp and past the falldamage threshold... stupid....