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A few things here.

First of all, there is a reason people are crafting things free with mats, and it has nothing to do with helping out the community.

Firstly, people have undercut each other to that point (and are only willing to go that low because they can still profit off of crits on armorings/mods/enhancements/hilts/barrels). Secondly many of the same people crafting free with mats, also control the price of stabilizers on the markets, ensuring they're getting their credits from you one way or another.

Now why is a new hilt being charged so much money? Well to begin with, as already pointed out, you need to be lucky enough to have an artificer with you in your raid. The offhand and mainhand only drop 50% of the time from 2 different bosses on Hard Mode Terror From Beyond, so you already only have around a 50% crack at a hilt once a week. Then on top of that, your guild or group you run with needs to decide beforehand that the mainhand or offhand is going to be RE'd, rather than awarded to a guildie.

On top of all of those things going right, and assuming you managed to learn the hilt, now you have to protect yourself from others trying to learn the schematic off of you and profiting off of your work. This is probably the biggest reason for huge prices on something like a new hilt, and I have no problems with it whatsoever.

As for the idea that people learning schematics off of others is done to lower the price and help the server, I have first hand experience that notion is BS. I was offering Guardian Armoring 27 for 200k + mats when I was the first person on the server to learn it. Most other schematics were free with mats at this time due to being learned by multiple people, so I felt this was a fair price for a new schematic. Guy asks me for 3 for his Guardian guildie, I said OK even though he was a scoundrel. I then notice he's also a cybertech. Of course, he asks me for 3 more, says its for another guildie. I say ok, same price if you can show me the first 3 equipped on a guildie, otherwise 1 million + mats, he says he's in a hurry so he'll pay the 1 million price. Buys 3 more, then a couple hours later posts on these very forums advertising the armoring that I was doing for 200k+ mats, for 500k + mats, and only edited his post to free with mats after I posted the same. So yeah, no, they aren't stealing others schematics to help the server, they're doing it to help themselves, and this is precisely why prices on new schematics are so high, to protect the crafter.