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Thanks for the walkthrough. Pretty nifty that trenchcutter/warrior splitup tactic.

It wasn't quite clear where the purple circle of doom spot is.. Is it between the ramps right in the doorway? Is it by the ammostacks to the right (looking into the room) or to the left? And how far?
The purple circle is always just under Kephess, it spawns right under him at around 58%, for more security have a senti/mara use their speedbuff at 59-60% and it should be easy to run out. How big it is I actually I have no idea about, but it is p large. When my guild kills him we dont mind putting him in any special position, we just take him over the %, pop the senti/mara speedbuff before and run out.

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Can't you spread out the DoT between the tanks reliably, so it's always the non-kephess tank so to speak that has it.. I mean, not every ops group has an awesome shadow tank.
Yeap, my guild also runs with a shadow/assassin (me) and a vanguard/powertech and we always do it like this, when the two droids are dead (the ones with big purple cirle under them) one tank picks up the boss. Group kills bomber and takes down walker, same tank continue to taunt Kephess but after his jump he will put a dot on a player, just have the other tank taunt ASAP when the dot hits the first tank. When he jumps again you have the first tank again taunt the boss so he gets the boss. This way we always do it so the same tank always "tank" the boss and the other tank "takes" the dot, shadows/assassins are p bad against Kephess so we always have them (ie. me) take the dot and then the other tank tanking boss. If you dont have an shadow/assassin just have the best geared tank hold the boss and the other get the dot.

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You seam to rely very much on having 3 ranged dps, and especially the GS bubbles.. Have any other ops group actually downed him with another less-than-optimal group?
My guild has killed him every week since lauch with kind of a differennt group, once we had only melee DPS (two mara/senti and two pt/vanguard) but normally we have a nice mixup with 1-2 range and 2-3 melee.

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And last question.. When we do him HM we basically just tell people to try to stay out of the purple crap from the walker.. Sometimes a dps is a little slow and eats some damage, but it's no problem heal wise... Can it be handled the same way in NM, or will we have to practice positioning so everyone knows where crap will fall when..
There is a few safespots that range DPS and healers can stand so they dont get hit by it, try out difference positions to see if you can find it and then use it during the entire fight. We normally have me (shadow/assassin) and a DPS (senti/mara) on the droid just in front of the walker, that area will be hit by the AoE and when it come my DPS just pops guarded by the force/undying rage and I pop force shroud/resilience and it gives our healers no problem at all.

But yes melee DPS need to watch where they move so they dont get it by it, see always make sure to have an eye on the walker and move in safe areas.

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