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Haven't QQ'd yet...was just saying I should make a second forum account...maybe once you learn to quit idolizing yourself you might take up learning to read. And losing is just one of the risks you take when solo happens...I'm not going to feed your ego with complaints about bubble stun, or how an auto attack sends you heading for the hills,or take a page from your book and say I don't take regulars seriously, or how you didn't beat anything down, the other 7 people on your team did (collectively I might add, they couldn't do it individually) because you were too busy running around and bubbling while my team sat at a node "defending", and I ran middle to attempt some sort of crazy 8v1.....but I will say GG, and that you did a really good job keeping your team up and bubbled. I applaud your support abilities, if only I gave a damn about my pugs as much as you, maybe I would win more often...alas....they're worthless to me.

oh... and thank you caring so much, it's nice to see I have fans as well
Y so mad?