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BioWare have already addressed this saying that they have separate teams working on both and it will not effect new Ops sets.

Also so far they are just re skins with some Holographic's on them, which IMO makes them look worse.

Finally, player spending money on them, means that they have more money to develop more stuff throughout the game, so player spending money to get these weapons, means there are more resources to develop more content which mans you will get new pretty guns faster. IF they made them ugly, no one would spend money, there would be less resources, you would get less shiny new looking guns long run.
So, you think they will spend the money they make on developing more content for you to actually play?

Wait, hold on a second.

This is a business, and they are in business to make money.

The money they make will be spent on items for the cartel shop so they can make more money.

To make more items for the cartel shop.

It is, after all, a business.

If you think a single dime is going to go into actual development of content to be released as a free update you are going to be so disappointed.

People make a game for one of two reasons. They make the game because want to play it, and want to see other people play it, or they make the game to make money.

One of these things is always before the other. Like movie tie in games. They are always ****, because they are designed to make money, and the quality of the game is secondary.

World of Warcraft has been successful because blizz set out to make a kick *** game. They never expected more than a million subs. Max.

The more things keep moving in this direction the more I see this game was designed with monitization as the primary concern.