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Commando/mercs need a complete overhaul the reason gunnery won't get buffed imo is because it does really well in PVE and is almost as brainless as smashheads. Commando's/Merc need some kinda of group utility or speed boost. Only group utility I can think of that we have atm is kolto bomb/missle with supercharge up that gives a 5% damage reduction to any friendly target hit(heal speced). The Biggest issue for me is that we HAVE NO HYBRIDS and if anyone says we do they suck bigtime..

Things i thnk should be changed for Commando/Merc for the base class.

Root on stockstrike/rocketpunch should be basline and bring back the kb for gunnery 10m.
Change back the crit bonus in the medic tree from 1%,2%,3% to 2%,4%,6%(this nerf made no sense)
Swicth Heavy trooper talent that gives 2% endurance and self healing with Cell Capcitor which recharges 2 ammo immediately.
Reduce the cooldown on techoveride from 2min to 1 min. Reduce the cooldown on reservepowercell from 2 min to 1min and 30 secs.
Make Diversion(threat drop) remove roots when used.
Explosive round reduce movement speed by 30%
Let us change cells while moving

Assault/Pyro- needs the full auto/unload damage back and make it so full auto,charged bolts and pulse cannon have a 100% chance to apply the plasma cells dot. Combine that degauss( reactive shield removes roots) talent with nightscope (increases meele and ranged def by 2% and reduces the cd on stealth scan by 5sec?).Lasty add an extra move to the talent Adrenalined Fueled That reduces the cooldown on plasma grenade by 5,10sec max.

Combat Medic/Bodyguard- remove that stupid frontline crappy talent that makes trauma probe tick twice when u attack an enemy with hammershot and replace it with somthing that improves our knockback. Somthing like knocking the target down for 1sec-2secs after being knockedback so we get a bit of breathing room. Make trauma probe cost 1 ammo or let us put the thing on one more target.Medics and Bodyguards need some minor protection vs force dots add a 3% or 4% buff to the Advanced tech talent ( increases healing received by 1%,2%) that reduces damage taken by internal and elemental damage, this talent would be avaliable to all specs.

Gunnery/Arsenal they really just need a way to cast grav round on the move and somone already suggested somthing about this. Also Charge Barrel when used on adv med probe shouldnt consume the stacks, it should only consume the stacks when used on High Impact bolt. Unerf Charged Barrier so that it can reduces damage taken by 10% with 5 stacks.Add an extra affect to Reserve Rounds that lowers the cast time of Concussive round by 0.50. Make Kolto recharge give back 14% health and reduce damage taken by 5% or 10% for 10 secs.

Yes I was bored. Yes I am mad. I love my Commando but its a headache to play one.
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