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12.14.2012 , 04:00 AM | #49
Been working quite a bit last few days so my game time has been limited. I am still parsing Mad Maul spec ahead of full madness by 50-100dps. I have no clue why the rest of the community is still pulling ahead with Madness. Last night I tried again to get some data for you guys and was having latency issues, I was barely pulling 1400 dps with either spec. Sometimes my Death Field would take so long to activate that the dummy would turn yellow and I would leave combat lol.

Anyways one thing that I noticed is that my crit is 33%, and with near 100% up time on Exploitive Strikes my melee crit should be at 42%. Well through many 3min parses my Thrashes and Saber Strikes were criting 44-45% of the time. And my Mauls were consistently criting 48-49% of the time. That is way above what it should be. There might be an RNG factor that I am benefiting from that I should not be IDK. Since Mad Mauls "Mauls" crit way harder than Madness Mauls, a 7% increase in crit frequency can be a very huge factor.

If this is the case, and the only reason I am doing better with Mad Maul is because of an unknown RNG exploit then I do apologize for claiming that this is the best spec for dps. Please know that I did not just make a wild claim about Mad Maul because I thought it sounded good, I thought the info I was basing my findings on was accurate. I spent many hours, tens of millions of credits on respecs (pre 1.5) parsing many versions of each spec, and adjusting rotations with in each spec. I battled ability vrs ability, talent vrs talent to try and find the best possible spec and rotation. Even to this day I cannot find a spec and rotation that can beat Mad Maul.

I still hope that this guide has helped some of you Assassins find a fun build to play that does better dps than Deception with a slightly simpler rotation than Madness.