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That was my take on this new warzone after having played it a few times now on my 50 Shadow, Sage, and Juggernaut. It seems like it would/could be a great 8-man pre-made rated warzone. However for pugs it seems to be very one sided. Its still very early in its release, but currently there haven't been any close matches. Its always one team knowing what to do, and the other lost in the sauce.

Regardless of how new it is to everyone, I personally dont feel this is a very good warzone. Just my two cents. The only thing I really like about it right now is that FINALLY there is something OTHER than the base 4 warzones we've been doing for 11+ months now. In comparing it overall to the other warzones however, I don't think its gameplay mechanics or design are good at all.

It really seems to isolate the fighting, with the nodes able to be captured so fast (faster than the long stuns last in this game), it is yet another map that requires at least 1 person to sit off by themselves typically and guard a node for 10-15minutes and get no battle action for it. This is much like Novare and alderaan. I personally just dont like an objective map where 1 or more people have to sit basically AFK at a node getting no action while the rest of the team battles it out elsewhere on the map.

Warzones need to be engaging. You can have objectives, while still engaging the whole team. Bioware needs to move away from these isolated objective matches. No one (at least not me) want to sit off at a node guarding it for 15 minutes. I think that, and that alone is the driving factor in bad warzone experiences by many. Its because NO ONE wants to guard a node, and everyone has A.D.D and they want to engage in combat. And so you see bad pugs everywhere in warzones doing their own thing because they refuse to sit idle for 15min. And honestly, I can't even blame them. Its a fail design.
Right now I think you're seeing a lot of one-sidedness because people just don't really know what to do yet. You get a team of people and only 1 or 2 have done it before and the other team has half of them which have done it before and you're going to have a bad time.

As for the isolated fighting, outside of huttball I've found this to be one of the best warzones. At the very least you have to run back to mid every few minutes and then run back out and recapitulate the opening so if for some reason the other team isn't constantly trying to send someone to take the node you're guarding, at least doing something every few minutes, and often someone IS trying to gank that node.

The easiest way to win is to get at least one round where you manage to capture a node and either stop them from capturing theirs or preferably capture both. This puts them in a position where, if they hope to come back, they have to capture both, which will be hard to do if you've already done it to them. But because of this it encourages there to be action everywhere, and that I like since, like you, I spend a lot of time solo guarding grass or northwest as a shadow. I do it cause my class is well suited to it, but I don't deny I get really bored sometimes.

Ironically the only time where I went an entire warzone with nothing but objective points I was on commando. you guessed it I was solo guarding a node. They never came up my way so I spent literally the whole warzone twidling my thumbs.
In update 2.9 the game will simply uninstall itself for you.