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12.14.2012 , 03:52 AM | #2
Thanks for the walkthrough. Pretty nifty that trenchcutter/warrior splitup tactic.

It wasn't quite clear where the purple circle of doom spot is.. Is it between the ramps right in the doorway? Is it by the ammostacks to the right (looking into the room) or to the left? And how far?

Can't you spread out the DoT between the tanks reliably, so it's always the non-kephess tank so to speak that has it.. I mean, not every ops group has an awesome shadow tank.

You seam to rely very much on having 3 ranged dps, and especially the GS bubbles.. Have any other ops group actually downed him with another less-than-optimal group?

And last question.. When we do him HM we basically just tell people to try to stay out of the purple crap from the walker.. Sometimes a dps is a little slow and eats some damage, but it's no problem heal wise... Can it be handled the same way in NM, or will we have to practice positioning so everyone knows where crap will fall when..
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